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Locally Sourced, Non-GMO, Allergy Friendly and Glyphosphate Free, Gourmet PRIMED & READY MEALS, Snacks, Smoothie Kits and MORE! Delivered Anywhere!

When it comes to nutrition & YOUR health....

We BELIEVE that #FoodIsFuel and YOU DESERVE to have access to the absolute best quality fuel, on the market today without taking out all the added stress of shopping, prepping, cooking and cleaning!

Robert Alan Wellness Inc. created Primed & Ready Meals and opened The Healthy Body Fueling Station, for that exact purpose! With the help from our Local Affiliate Primed & Ready Certified Organic Farmers, we are able to offer "Everything From Birth To Bacon" and SAVE YOU MONEY on Locally Sourced, Organic, Farm Fresh, Free Range, Grass & Vegetable Fed, Chicken, Beef, Pork, Wild Seafood and much, MUCH MORE!

It's never been this easy or more convenient, to eat delicious local foods that are actually going to help your mind, body & soul flourish, ALL THE TIME! Even when it's time to celebrate your next milestone, private party, BBQ or Pig Roast our #PrimedandReadySquad has you covered!

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**Primed & Ready CSAs are available! For more information on whats included & how to start saving money on top quality RAW proteins, vegetables, Prepared Primed & Ready Meals and more, call(508)758-6325

No Matter what your wellness goals, appetite, dietary preferences, restrictions, allergies or budget, The Healthy Body Fueling Station, located at 20 County Road (Route 6) in Mattapoisett, MA has the #CleanFuel you need to Power through Life!

*Attn Weekly Meal Prep Recipients* We currently deliver on Tuesdays and Fridays. The meals are delivered cold and should be refrigerated until you are Primed & Ready to eat Heat & Eat them! If someone will not be available on delivery day, we do offer a convenient Cooler Rotation Program. Call (508)758-6325 to schedule a consultation or to learn more!!

Start Eating Fresh, Locally Sourced, Nutrient Dense foods that not only TASTE GREAT, but actually help you naturally feel better, look younger and get you PRIMED & READY to Live Your Life to the fullest!

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36 Meals (3 per week)

Cost before taxes & shipping: $96.00/1 month(s)

$24 wkly subscription billed monthly for 3 months plus the wkly dlvry fee
Setup Cost: $24.00
84 Meals (7 per week)

Our Price: $196.00/1 month(s)

$49 weekly subscription billed monthy for 3 months
Setup Cost: $49.00
60 Meals (5 per week)

Our Price: $140.00/1 month(s)

$35 weekly subscription billed monthly for 3 months
Setup Cost: $35.00
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Whether you're looking to SAVE TIME, SAVE MONEY, want to Gain Lean Muscle Mass, lose some inches, or just Eat HEALTHIER, RAWinc's cost effective PRIMED & READY MEALS, Snacks and Smoothies are just what you need to get Healthier Faster!

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