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The Healthy Body Fueling Station is more than just a Healthy Fast Food Establishment. It's a place where you can get connected with some of the best Wellness Practitioners in your community. We are a fun group of individuals that like to get together for different social events, holistic healing sessions and adventures!
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Monday Night Sound Healing and Meditation with Justin Monday Night Sound Healing and Meditation with Justin

Join us for 3 Night's of Sound Healing and Meditation with Justin. The Monday Night Sessions are held at the Mattapoisett Wellness Center and starts at 630pm. If you want to carpool, please arrive at The Healthy Body Fueling Station by 5:30pm, if you want to eat before we leave.6pm if you won't be eating.
*Disclaimer: It does get pretty cold during the session. We all bring a pillow and a blanket.

Our Price: $45.00
Metabolic Test Metabolic Test

Have you been struggling with reaching your Health and Wellness Goals? Are you consuming the correct number of calories to ensure that you reach your goal? Not sure? Schedule a Metabolic Test to determine exactly how many calories your body is burning at rest. once you know how many calories your body is currently burning at rest then we can write up a Personalized Nutrition Plan that will ensure, if you follow it, that you will reach and or exceed your goal!

Things You NEED to know before you take your Metabolic Test:
1.) The test is most accurate if you Do not eat, drink or exercise 3 hours prior to the test.
2.) You will be breathing into a small hand held device called the BodyGem(same device used on the show The Biggest Loser) that analyzes the gases you exhale to determine your Resting Metabolic Rate
3.) The entire appointment should take no longer than 1 hr.

Our Price: $100.00
Do You have a Great Idea for our Next Primed & Ready Squad Adventure or Holistic Healing Session? Please email the details to Bobby@primedandreadymeals.com