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Cooler Rotation Program
Our Price: $20.00
Metabolic Test
Our Price: $100.00
Our convenient Cooler Rotation Program is the perfect solution for your extremely busy schedule. Our coolers combined with our reusable ice packs are designed to keep your food fresh for up to 72 hours. Join the Cooler Rotation Program for a one time fee of $20 and never worry about being available to receive your delivery. The fee covers the cost of 2 coolers and enough ice packs to keep your food fresh.

How it Works: On your first delivery, your food will arrive in one of our Cooler/boxes packed with reusable ice packs. You save the cooler, box and ice packs. Refreeze the ice packs and leave them in the cooler/box, in the same location for the delivery person to find. We will rotate the coolers and ice packs as needed( for wear and tare). If the ice packs breaks open, discard them in the trash and let us know, it needs to be replaced.

*Disclaimer: If at anytime, you lose, damage, or discard the coolers or ice packs without letting us know, you may be subject to an additional $20 fee. To cover the replacement cooler/box/ice packs.
Have you been struggling with reaching your Health and Wellness Goals? Are you consuming the correct number of calories to ensure that you reach your goal? Not sure? Schedule a Metabolic Test to determine exactly how many calories your body is burning at rest. once you know how many calories your body is currently burning at rest then we can write up a Personalized Nutrition Plan that will ensure, if you follow it, that you will reach and or exceed your goal!

Things You NEED to know before you take your Metabolic Test:
1.) The test is most accurate if you Do not eat, drink or exercise 3 hours prior to the test.
2.) You will be breathing into a small hand held device called the BodyGem(same device used on the show The Biggest Loser) that analyzes the gases you exhale to determine your Resting Metabolic Rate
3.) The entire appointment should take no longer than 1 hr.