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Small Meat Lovers Combo
Our Price: $9.00
Medium Meat Lovers Combo
Our Price: $13.00
Large Meat Lovers Combo
Our Price: $16.00
This size meal makes a perfect lunch or light dinner.
Just enough Protein, Carbs and Veggies to keep you from feeling sluggish and fired up for the rest of your work day or evening shenanigans!
The perfect size meal to keep those cravings at bay! These delicious meals come with your choice of "Protein" and 2 3/4cup sides. Your extremely active in this fast paced society and you need a lot of fuel to keep your body performing like a finely tuned machine. You need a Large Meal because you have a Large Appetite! With 8oz of Your desired Protein and 2 full cups of sides, you are sure to load up with tons of the high quality vitamins and minerals your body needs to remain strong, focused and functioning smoothly. Enjoy!