The Warrior Chef


"Together we can accomplish anything."
  -The Warrior Chef

As a United States Army Paratrooper, in the 82nd Airborne Division.  Sgt. Robert Alan Farland was among the selfless group of soldiers, feeding and caring for their fellow Americans deployed for the Katrina Relief devastated New Orleans, in 2005.  Rumor has it that he crafted the Primed & Ready Louisiana Style Grilled Shrimp from techniques he learned during that time. 

Over the years since, His constant pursuit of adventure, inner peace, enlightenment and passion for helping others, has taken him all over the country. Staying true to his personal mantra, "Anything is Possible, as long as you Believe & Act, You WILL eventually Succeed", He strut down paths and conquered obstacles most people would never even attempt to navigate.

Now, He is proving once again, that going against the grain is ALWAYS worth it if you believe it is. It's time to break the misleading thought that healthy food doesn't taste good.  Sgt. Farland's much healthier and overwhelmingly more palatable, Gourmet Civilian version of the U.S. Military's MREs(Meals Ready To Eat)Primed & Ready Performance Meals, Snacks & more will keep you feeling strong, when the mission requires more time and energy than you think you have.  

The Warrior Chef's vision for a Happier Healthier World, along with his unique history of life experiences and well rounded culinary skills, allows him to provide you with meals that not only fuel your mind, body & soul with everything they need to remain in a constant state of Primed & Readiness, but they also serve as step one of his plan to bring ALL people together in Love, Good Health, Joy & Prosperity!


"Your Victory Starts With Nutrition"  

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