The Original Primed & Ready MealsTM and the tried and true Crowd Favorite Titan ChiliTM is back and ready to help you perform at your absolute best.  Freshly ground turkey, sauteed with onions and kidney beans, assorted bell peppers, dark leafy greens, our signature red sauce and seasoned to perfection with our Primed & Ready Titan Chili SeasoningTM.  This Primed & Ready Performance MealTM is paired with your choice of Brown Rice, Quinoa, Jasmine Rice or RIced Cauliflower and your choice of a protein infused and allergy friendly Primed & Ready Krave KrusherTM ( Elvis CakesTM, PowerballzTM, AmazeballzTM or DragonballzTM

Cage Titan's Turkey Chili Performance Meal

Portion Size
  • Remove cover, remove snack, replace cover and microwave for 2 minutes and 30 seconds.  

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